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Vitramet Europe Ltd

VitraMet was formed in the USA in 1997 as a Sales & Marketing Organization specializing in the design and supply of Porcelain Enamel coated products in selected international markets. Its founders are former executives of an international market leader in the Vitreous Enamel products industry and the combination of their marketing and engineering expertise places Vitramet at a distinct advantage in this competitive marketplace.

The beauty of glass and the strength of steel are combined in VitraMet's innovative Porcelain Enamel facades . As versatile as they are practical and with a colour range as flexible as an artist's palette, Vitreous Enamel Panels possess a durability second to none. Resisting harsh weather conditions, chemicals and corrosion as easily as they overcome severe design criteria, Enamelled Panels are the natural choice in applications where performance is paramount.

Factor in VitraMet's proven engineering and design capability, installation advice and technical support and the choice is clear…VitraMet...expertise in enamel.

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